Flats to Rent in Highbury

Flats to Rent in Highbury


Renting in Highbury

People looking to rent a flat in Highbury have a great choice of beautiful, converted Victorian properties to choose from. Over recent years, there have been many new property developments in Highbury that have widened the options for renting in this desirable North London borough.

Many professional singles and couples choose to rent properties in Highbury because of the great transport links to central London. However, Highbury is also a popular area of London for families who want the convenience of living in London but at a cheaper price than living in the city centre.

Highbury has a large selection of flats to suit the needs and budget of most people. Many of the larger flats are luxurious converted properties that also have private gardens. Smaller flats available for rent are often new builds that have been designed for contemporary living.

The commute to central London takes between 10 and 20 minutes and is the reason why many professionals choose to live in Highbury.