Property to Rent in Highbury

Property to Rent in Highbury

Discover properties to rent in Highbury. Get in touch with our expert lettings team today and find the ideal rental property.


Renting a property in Highbury with Hotblack Desiato

Highbury is a highly desirable part of North London amongst renters. Our Highbury Letting Agents Team has extensive knowledge of the local rental market and manages properties that fit all budgets. We cover all the popular areas of Highbury, including Aberdeen Park, Highbury Park, Highbury New Park, Highbury Hill, Highbury Terrace, Highbury Place, and Highbury Crescent, as well as the most popular streets such as Kelross Road, Northholme Road, Lucerne Road, and Aberdeen Road.

Whether you’re looking for a 1-bed rental to use as a base to commute into central London for work or a three or 4-bed terraced house for a growing family, we can help you find the right rental property.

Living in Highbury allows you to enjoy London’s social scene without being right in the epicentre of city bustle. Despite being next door to Islington, Highbury is generally seen as a quieter, less busy location, with plenty of green spaces, including Highbury Fields and several beautiful, peaceful garden squares.

So, if you’re looking for a place to rent in North London, Highbury is an excellent choice.

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Discovering rental properties in Highbury

Discovering rental properties in Highbury

The architectural style of the properties in Highbury is similar to nearby areas like Islington. Gorgeous Georgian-era townhouses dominate the styles in the area along tree-lined, leafy streets; many of these remain authentic 3 and 4-bed houses, some with their own back gardens. For those seeking a bit different vibe, classic Victorian-era terraced properties with high-pitched roofs can be found situated in the Northern part of Highbury. In general, Highbury offers timeless-quality rental accommodation for everyone that appreciates London’s cultural heartbeat.

For young professionals and couples looking for one and two-bed flats in this highly desirable area, there are many converted townhouses to choose from, some overlooking one of Highbury’s many stunning garden squares. In addition, more and more new build developments are springing up in the area, remaining sympathetic to Highbury’s architectural heritage.

So, if you’re looking to rent a property in Highbury, contact our Highbury Letting Agents Team today and find out how we can help.

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