Property for sale in Highbury

Property for sale in Highbury varies across the board; it is a popular area of North London that attracts both young professionals and families searching for high quality housing in an area that features plenty of attractions.

Traditionally Victorian and Edwardian terraced housing characterised the residential streets of Highbury, their traditional architecture still as present today and providing the area with lots of character. There are also plenty of large period family homes owned by those who have lived in the borough for many years. A growing number of these have also been converted into flats featuring contemporary design décor that are now available for property hunters to invest in.

The proposed regeneration of Highbury corner is a sign of the changing landscape that can be seen in the surrounding property market. New housing developments and apartment blocks are regularly appearing and being purchased by those looking to gain a foothold in the local district. When Arsenal moved to the nearby Emirates stadium in 2006 and redeveloped their old Highbury stadium to create 650 high-end flats this further bolstered interest from new investors and property buyers.

Over the past two decades Highbury has become a more upmarket place to live thanks to an influx of affluent professionals who have moved into the area searching for properties located nearby to the city. It offers a more affordable alternative to some areas of London although an increase in demand over the past 10 years has seen prices steadily rise.

Highbury offers strong transport links into the city and the centre of London and its proximity to nearby Angel and Holloway provides plenty of places to eat and drink, along with a good variation of retail outlets. It remains a hotspot for those looking to buy or sell their property and with even more developments currently in the pipeline; the demand to buy property in Highbury will only continue to grow.

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Property for sale in Highbury