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Rent Collection Service Only

Rent Collection Service Only

Author: Julie, 05/07/2016

At Hotblack Desiato our rent collection service is available to landlords throughout Islington, Highbury and Camden.

While the property is let we will:

  1. Receive rent, submit statements of account, and remit the rent to you in such a manner and at such intervals as agreed, less:



  1. Attempt to contact the tenant in writing and by telephone in the event of any instalment of rent being in arrears for more than 7 days. If we are unable to secure payment of rent arrears within 7 days of our first attempt at contact with the tenant we will report the position to you. We will continue to attempt to secure payment from the tenant by letter and by telephone but if the rent is more than 28 days in arrears we will again report to you and it will then be your responsibility to instruct solicitors or take such other action as you consider appropriate.
  2. If requested, submit copies of statement of accounts to your accountant or another third party.
  3. Once the tenancy has been renewed, or extended, continue to receive rent as above.


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