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New Homes Guide

A brief guide for buyers

New Homes Guide

Author: Julie, 18/03/2020

Last year an in-depth study revealed that over 90% of new build transactions in London were due to the sale of flats. Camden was highlighted as one of the leaders of this trend with almost all transactions in the borough being flat-related. Nearly 30% of properties listed for sale in the boroughs of Camden and Islington are considered new-builds and this is only set to rise over the next few years.

These figures demonstrate the increasing demand for properties in London, even during a period where prices have continued to rise. Terraced, semi-detached and detached houses are also still popular options in both Camden and Islington for house hunters.

There are a number of fantastic benefits you can enjoy when buying a new home, and in this guide we offer a comprehensive insight on how to approach buying a new build in Islington, Highbury and Camden.

Why Buy a New Home?

Buying a new home instead of an existing build offers a lot of advantages, such as:

What’s included in a New-Build Home?

When you buy a new build home, not only do you get to enjoy all of the above benefits, but it will also come with a number of add-ons.

As mentioned above, this can be appliances such as dishwashers, cookers or washing machines. Quite often the carpeting has already been laid down and you may get special features such as wooden flooring in certain areas of the property.

And because the property has just been built, it will feature either double or triple-glazed windows, along with new doors, insulated walls and a brand new roof. Even the heating system will be out-of-the-box and working to peak performance.

Things to Consider

Before making a commitment to buying a new build home it makes sense to take everything into consideration. The main factors to cover include:

Who Buys a New Build Home?

New build homes are purchased by a wide demographic. First-time buyers can use government-based schemes to get them onto the property ladder. Families in need of more space due to changes in their lifestyle find new builds to be a good match. It also applies to couples in their 50s or 60s who have raised a family and want to downsize to a one or two bedroom property in a new home.

Government Help to Buy Schemes

Due to the difficulties faced by first-time buyers struggling to afford a property in the current market, the government has introduced a number of new schemes designed to help over the past few years. These include:

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