COVID-19 Update

Covid-19 Update

As you will be aware the Government has now lifted restrictions on Estate Agency practice, enabling us to re-open our offices and conduct viewings within existing guidelines for social distancing.

In order to protect you, our clients, our tenants and our applicants, as well as our own staff we will be strictly adhering to the Government guidelines for the practice of Estate Agency.

The full Government advice document can be accessed via this link –

It is now clear that the following is permissible under the new guidelines.

•  Occupiers of property are now free to move.

•  People are able to inspect properties, to buy and to rent

•  We are able to visit your property, conduct viewings and carry out valuations.

Appointments to view properties

Applicants will be encouraged to take a virtual tour of the property before making a physical appointment to see the property

•  We will only meet applicants at the property.

•  Only 2 people may inspect a property at one time – they must be from the same household.

•  In order to see any property applicants must be well and asymptomatic. We will ask this question in advance.

•   We will supply a mask, gloves and sanitiser to each applicant before entering any property.

•  Only the agent will be permitted to touch anything inside the property – anything that the agent does touch will be wiped
down with a sanitising wipe.

•  Owner occupiers or tenants will be asked to leave the property during the viewing.

•  Properties that are being inspected should be well ventilated in advance, wherever possible

Office Visits

•  Our offices will be open but minimally staffed to ensure that social distancing is maintained. The majority of our staff will
continue to work from home.

•  Safe areas will be clearly marked out in each of our offices

•  Those people visiting our offices will be provided with masks, gloves and hand sanitiser.

•  Contractors visiting our offices to collect keys in order to carry out maintenance calls will always be required to wear PPE.

•  Property maintenance issues will be carried out on a strict priority basis

•  As you will appreciate these are new working practices designed to keep us all safe during this crisis but also enabling us
to conduct business on your behalf.